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Change structure in backup after changing Full to Mirror

Posted: Sat Aug 31, 2013 4:39 am
by gosain
I had created the backup job with the following settings:
Name: "Full Work Directory".
Sources: Single Folder - "MyFiles"
Type: "Full"

What it did that on the backup drive is that it created a folder "Full Work Directory" and put all contents (files & folders) of "MyFiles" folder under "Full Work Directory". Later, after adding some new files in the source folder "MyFIles", I changed the properties of this backup job as below:
Name: "Full Work Directory" (i.e. no change)
Sources: Single Folder - "MyFiles" (i.e. no change)
Type: "Mirror" type, unchecked "Create full paths (including drive letter)".

When I re-run the same backup job, it created "MyFIles" folder, it's sub-folders & new files in backup drive - which is exactly the way I wanted.

I believe if I move files directly from "Full Work Directory" folder to "MyFiles" folder then this move will be invisible to FBackup and most probably FBackup will delete these moved files and recopy to their earlier location in "Full Work Directory" folder.

Now, I want to move all the files and folders from "Full Work Directory" folder (created during earlier back job) to this newly created "MyFiles" folder so that whenever I run this backup job in the future, only "MyFiles" folder should have full mirror copy.

Can someone guide me to achieve this?


Re: Change structure in backup after changing Full to Mirror

Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2013 1:55 pm
by Adrian (Softland)

You cannot do that in FBackup as it uses the backup catalog to determine which files were backed up and to which location. Manually moving some files to the new destination won't be visible to FBackup.
Also changing the backup destination of FBackup will delete the backup catalog and all files will be backed up again.