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Scheduled backup doesn't start if credentials are different

Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2015 1:39 am
by pierrem
I'm using the latest version - v5.3 Build 704 on a Windows 7 Pro PC which is in a Windows workgroup.

I created a backup job using the windows username Jim. I want the backup to run even if the user is not logged in. Jim is part of the local administrators group. Jim doesn't have a login password and doesn't want to have one! Since I cannot schedule a backup job using an account that doesn't have a password, I enabled the local administrator account, gave it a password and figured I could use those credentials to run the backup job.

First off, the backup job disappears from the Fbackup Scheduler window if I don't use the same credentials for the backup job as the current logged in user. So the "scheduler" portion of the backup job I created using Jim's account is gone or invisible. So I have to go to the Windows Task Scheduler to see the Fbackup job. Based on the backup test I did, in the Windows Task Scheduler, the "Last run Results" status is 0x0, which means it ran successfully. Yet nothing was done. In the Fbackup Job tab, the job status for that backup doesn't show the backup ever ran and the backup log has nothing either!

So it looks like Fbackup updates the Windows Scheduled Task status and quits without doing the backup.

If I change the Windows credential in the scheduled backup job to be Jim, the backup works as expected and the job re-appears in the Fbackup Scheduler.

Ideally,it would be nice if I could schedule a backup job with an account that doesn't have a password. BTW, for the need of a that a Windows requirement or an Fbackup requirement? If a password is required, then please fix the above issue.


Re: Scheduled backup doesn't start if credentials are different

Posted: Wed Mar 11, 2015 1:07 pm
by Adrian (Softland)

In order to run the backup when no user is logged on, a password is needed to setup the scheduler. That is a Windows requirement.

If you want to run a backup when no user is logged on, why don't you log in to an administrator account, create the scheduled task, see if it runs and let it run under the admin account.

Re: Scheduled backup doesn't start if credentials are different

Posted: Fri May 08, 2015 6:41 pm
by Kramer88
HI! So I believe I'm having a similar issue. I"ve got someone who's using a Non Admin account, but in the FBackup, I put the admin account in the credentials to allow him to save to network location. Now, if I manually run the back up, there are no issues, whatsoever. I've currently set it up to schedule every day at 6pm (atleast until I can figure out how to get this working, then may make it once a week) but it won't run on it's own. I have it set up to "run even in sleep mode" and that hasn't changed it. The user cannot have an admin account, bc, frankly, his opsec is just.. incredibly poor. I can't have him infecting the network, yano? Anyways, I'm not /really/ sure what I should do at this point- he doesn't close out, but he does log off. He has a password, and the application is using admin credentials. Is there any way this can back up his data, or am I SOL since he's not an admin?

P.s. I'm guessing the issue is that without his credentials he can't have it log in to run, but I'm hoping to find away around that. Or maybe a way to put in both credentials?

Re: Scheduled backup doesn't start if credentials are different

Posted: Mon May 11, 2015 8:52 am
by Adrian (Softland)

You need to schedule that job as administrator, but run the task in background with no visible interface.
For that, you need the Professional Edition of our commercial product Backup4all.