[Changelog] FBackup 6

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[Changelog] FBackup 6

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Below is the changelog for the public builds of FBackup 6.0 - FBackup 6.6. This version was first released in March 2016 and development ended in May 2020. It is currently NOT SUPPORTED, support ended in May 2021.

If you are looking for the latest version of FBackup, you can download it here:

Changes in FBackup 6.6.408 (13-May-2021)
  • Fix: Links now open with the default browser
Changes in FBackup 6.6.406 (11-May-2020)
  • Fix: Check for new plugins failed
Changes in FBackup 6.6.388 (31-July-2017)
  • Update: Japanese translation was updated
  • Update: Improved logging for backup servers
  • Fix: Import from previous version of Portable now works correctly
  • Fix: Check for updates failed in tray
Changes in FBackup 6.5.373 (7-June-2017)
  • Update: Spanish translation updated
  • Update: Catalan language file updated
  • Update: German translation updated
  • Fix: Improved blocked port detection for Cloud authentication
Changes in FBackup 6.4.355 (12-April-2017)
  • New: Added Burmese and Thai languages
  • Update: Interface updates for the setup screen
  • Update: German, Japanese, Portuguese, Slovak and Turkish translation updates
  • Update: Improved detection of removable drives
Changes in FBackup 6.4.309 (26-January-2017)
  • New: Quick Test action for backup jobs
  • Update: Update: Better detection for Removable/External drives
  • Update: Update: Translation support for labels used in notification emails
  • Update: Update: Updated multiple languages
  • Update: Update: Partial redesign for Check for updates
  • Fix: Option to hide tray icon was overridden after an update
  • Fix: Small conflicts between different major versions on the same machine
  • Fix: Status for master password was not updated for Google Drive
  • Fix: File count progress was not displayed for Google Drive backups
Changes in FBackup 6.3.278 (29-November-2016)
  • Fix: Minor changes for the Check for Update option
Changes in FBackup 6.3.276 (23-November-2016)
  • Update: The default system browser is now used to perform cloud authentication
  • Update: Log file will show Smart file scan mode selection status too
  • Update: Added restore location in the restore log too
  • Update: Allow users to continue Google Drive backups even if the certificates cannot be validated
  • Update: Updated French, Ukrainian and Vietnamese languages
  • Fix: Test for Google Drive backups when no configuration is set
  • Fix: Changed text in log for when the backup is executed with different permissions
Changes in FBackup 6.2.246 (20-September-2016)
  • Fix: Improvements for smart file scanning
  • Fix: Small error when changing sources for mirror backups
Changes in FBackup 6.1.236 (05-September-2016)
  • Fix: Fixed Google Drive error "Your browser is not supported anymore. Please update to a more recent one."
  • Fix: German translation was updated
  • Fix: Small display error correction for free disk space Statistics
Changes in FBackup 6.1.188 (01-June-2016)
  • Fix: Design changes for the languages displayed in the Options dialog
  • Fix: Updated Slovenian language for the interface
  • Fix: Updated Czech language for the interface
  • Fix: Updated Portuguese (Brazilian) language for the interface
Changes in FBackup 6.1.180 (24-May-2016)
  • Fix: Fixed issue when using mirror backups with Google Drive as destination
Changes in FBackup 6.1.174 (12-May-2016)
  • New: User interface is now available in German
  • New: Added French language for the user interface
  • New: Added Dutch language for the user interface
  • New: Added Italian language for the user interface
  • New: Added Spanish language for the user interface
  • New: Added Czech language for the user interface
  • New: Added Danish language for the user interface
  • New: Added Swedish language for the user interface
  • New: Added 10 more languages for the user interface (Chinese Simplified/Traditional, Japanese, Romanian, Indonesian, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Serbian)
  • Update: Enhancements for the predefined backup plugins
  • Fix: Mirror backups on Google Drive ran inconsistently after the second backup
Changes in FBackup 6.1.157 (12-April-2016)
  • Fix: Incorrect size shown for statistics when destination is full
  • Fix: Error when restoring an Outlook 2016 backup job
  • Fix: Scheduled Cleanup tasks were changed during import in certain situations
  • Fix: Fixes for Windows XP (import and manage jobs)
Changes in FBackup 6.0.137 (17-March-2016)[/b]
  • Fix: Error when selecting a folder in Options for Google drive destinations
  • Fix: Other minor fixes
Changes in FBackup 6.0.133 (14-March-2016)
  • Fix: Importing jobs from previous versions returned an error in some situations
  • Fix: Error when backing up a large ZIP file to Google Drive
  • Fix: Other minor fixes
Changes in FBackup 6.0.129 (3-March-2016)
  • Update: Modified Authenticode signature to use EV certificates for setup
  • Update: Improved backup speed when backing up large numbers of files
Changes in FBackup 6.0.91 (28-January-2016)
  • Fix: Error when trying to browse for folder in Google Drive
  • Fix: Text corrections for the Import window
  • Fix: Error when pressing restore button on Backup View
  • Fix: Setup is now also timestamped using SAH256
Changes in FBackup 6.0.87 (25-January-2016)
  • New: Cloud backup to Google Drive
  • New: Added Progress View that displays current backup details
  • New: Added Backup View
  • New: Search file/folder in Backup view
  • New: Setup now signed with a SHA-256 certificate, compliant with Microsoft Authenticode
  • Update: Backup Options interface updates
  • Update: New Backup Wizard interface updates
  • Update: Backup Properties interface updates
  • Update: Various other improvements
You can read the changelog for different versions of FBackup here:
FBackup 9.x (current version)
FBackup 8.x (previous version)
FBackup 7.x (old version)
FBackup 5.x (unsupported version)

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