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[Changelog] FBackup 5

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Below is the changelog for the public builds of FBackup 5.0 - FBackup 5.5. This version was first released in December 2013 and development ended in October 2015. It is currently NOT SUPPORTED, support ended in April 2019.

If you are looking for the latest version of FBackup, you can download it here:

Changes in FBackup 5.5.839 (20-October-2015)
  • Fix: Scheduled tasks don't need elevated user rights to run anymore
  • Fix: Other small fixes
Changes in FBackup 5.5.835 (07-October-2015)
  • New: User interface is now available in Danish
  • New: Added Japanese language for the user interface
  • New: Added Korean language for the user interface
  • New: Added Portuguese Brazil language for the user interface
  • New: Added Serbian language for the user interface
  • New: Added Vietnamese language for the user interface
  • Update: Updated translations for Chinese Simplified, Czech, Dutch, Italian, Romanian and Slovenian

    Changes in FBackup 5.4.810 (29-July-2015)
    • Interface now available in Czech
    • French translation updated
    • Russian translation updated
    • Tray popup menu captions fixes
    • Fixed some localization issues
    Changes in FBackup 5.4.784 (12-May-2015)
    • Fixed an access violation error occurring when cancelling an action
    • Fixed error for the update check window position
    Changes in FBackup 5.4.779 (11-May-2015)
    • Improved backup speed for mirror backups with multiple source files
    • Various interface updates
    • Allow special XML characters in paths and names
    • More information is added to the Installer Log
    • List excluded files in log
    • Check for updates didn't install the new version in some situations
    • Some keys were not removed from registry on uninstall
    • Default language chosen in installer was not used when starting the app
    Changes in FBackup 5.3.723 (10-February-2015)
    • Notification pop-up window will show if there are important messages
    • Drastically reduced drive fragmentation for backups
    • "More details" button for notifications did not appear correctly
    • History was not updated after execution
    • List index out of bounds error received at limit file numbers
    • Update available window now displays program title
    • Add drive to new job created an invalid .ini file
    Changes in FBackup 5.3.704 (10-February-2015)
    • Added Catalan language for user interface
    • The installer will check for updates and offer to install the latest version
    • Added backup type on statistics page
    • Folder name case is now updated in destination
    • Added more information to logs and updated messages
    • Service timeout when starting the computer due to antivirus scan delay
    • Restore was not working correctly in certain situations
    Changes in FBackup 5.2.685 (21-January-2015)
    • Updated message that shows when an error occurs during installation
    • Added antivirus information in logs for troubleshooting purposes
    • Scheduled tasks were not copied with the job
    Changes in FBackup 5.2.643 (24-November-2014)
    • Interface is now available in German
    • New updates can now be installed automatically
    • Added "Jobs with warnings" filter in the Navigation pane
    • Scheduled jobs now show an extra-icon in the main job layout view
    • Added new tag for "Scheduled jobs"
    • Jobs and tags are sorted alphabetically by default
    • In Card and List view mode you can do multiple selections using the keyboard
    • Notifications window completely redesigned (new actions, redesigned icons)
    • Total Backup time is now included in the log
    • Layout actions were renamed
    • All notification messages can be configured to display collapsed or expanded
    • Show number of jobs in status bar
    • "List index out of bounds" when dragging filter checkboxes
    • Type of source is included in the log file
    • Minor display fixes for radio buttons and tray icon
    • Installer text corrections
    • "Try Again" after cancelling an installation didn't work
    Changes in FBackup 5.1.613 (24-October-2014)
    • Fixed "Access violation at address 0170B614 in module Fbackup.exe. Read of address 0000000C."
    • Added new text to installer window
    • Corrected some typos in several messages
    • Show explorer context menu didn't remain activated
    • Destinations radio controls were not aligned in new backup wizard
    • Save columns for scheduler view and other fixes for restore default layout
    • Language is preserved during updates
    Changes in FBackup 5.1.596 (30-September-2014)
    • Preserve language during software update
    • bResourceStrings language file was not overwritten in temp after update
    • Sorting by size columns in test windows did not work
    • Show explorer context menu option was not saved on application restart
    • In some cases, the text files were opened automatically after restore
    Changes in FBackup 5.1.589 (25-September-2014)
    • Added new language translations for the interface: Chinese Simplified, Dutch, Slovenian
    • SHORTCUTDIR was added as a parameter for installing the program via command line to tell where the folder in the start menu should be placed
    • Check destination is now done after "Run action before"
    • Improved loading time when unavailable mapped drives were used as destination
    • Fixed Editing/deleting scheduled task for backup jobs having long names
    • Taskbar icon was not visible when using old plugins and at activation
    • Corrected help links in New Backup Wizard and Register link in Startup dialog
    Changes in FBackup 5.1.558 (18-August-2014)
    • Fixed errors during update on systems where Italian/French was default language
    • Updated language files
    • "Launch and visit site" button corrections
    • Fixes when changing the location of the temporary folder
    Changes in FBackup 5.1.555 (13-August-2014)
    • Fixed errors during update on systems where French was default language
    • Fixes for installation in Chinese traditional
    • Unnecessary warning for splitting zip files in temp folder
    • Information about operating system, user rights, processor and locale is always added in log file
    • Fix empty backup when backing up folders with no files using a plugin
    • Added more USN journal info to log
    Changes in FBackup 5.1.549 (07-August-2014)
    • Added Italian language for the interface
    • Independent test removes tested zip files from temp folder when completed
    • Calculated compression ratio is now more precise
    • Show support email when there's an installation error
    • Fixed AV when clicking on the update notification from tray
    Changes in FBackup 5.1.541 (30-July-2014)
    • Added French language for user interface
    • Added Malay language for user interface
    • Added Indonesian language for user interface
    • Added Portuguese language for user interface
    • Added Spanish language for user interface
    • Added Swedish language for user interface
    • Added Chinese Traditional language for user interface
    • Improved backup speed for backup jobs with lots of files
    • Show file icons from system using file extension in sources and restore previews
    • Added "Last backup size" and "Total size of backup" for statistics view
    • Disabled context menu option re-appeared on updating
    • Layout was not preserved when reopening application
    • Using the F11 shortcut for scheduler did not work
    • Fix when expanding a folder for which GUI did not have the right to access it
    • Fixed mirror backup on empty folders with override filters
    Changes in FBackup 5.0.483 (24-June-2014)
    • Windows 8 ReFS file system is now fully supported
    • Sort files and folders in backup view
    • .ost files are excluded from Outlook backups (those are not needed)
    • Disabled Try Again link when install conditions were not fulfilled during setup
    Changes in FBackup 5.0.467 (29-May-2014)
    • Fixed GUI inconsistencies for 125% DPI and 1024x756 resolution
    • Some info notes will be always visible in log files
    Changes in FBackup 5.0.463 (29-May-2014)
    • Multiple design fixes for the interface when using custom DPI settings
    • If VSS could not be started, the backup stopped with "no files to backup"
    • The name of the copied filter was generated incorrectly
    • Access violation when no sources were set (caused by import from previous versions)
    Changes in FBackup 5.0.460 (27-May-2014)
    • Added new languages for the interface, Romanian and Malaysian
    • Disable journal by default
    • Handle catalogs with invalid signatures
    • Fix for moving plugins folder (when there is a job using the DLL plugin)
    • Change message when plugins are obsolete
    • Two scheduler options could not be used in Windows XP
    • Runtime error after installation in certain situations
    • The folder "Default" was still skipped during backups
    Changes in FBackup 5.0.450 (21-May-2014)
    • NTFS Journal backup improvements
    • New updates to EULA
    • Added "Following drive(s) could not be found" message to log when a source drive is not available
    • Installation failed in some situations with an exception error
    • Tray notifications showed messages even when none were unread
    • Backup catalog error: "The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file."
    • Fix for Blu-ray backups
    • Shutdown after action not executed (force parameter must be set is some cases)
    Changes in FBackup 5.0.414 (02-Apr-2014)
    • Backup job for configurations plug-in had errors when backing up the tag
    • "Next scheduled backup" information more accurate in log
    • Security permissions were not backed up
    • "Default" users folder was not backed up when using filters
    • Files and folders are now case sensitive in backups
    • Improved French translation
    • Fix test for split files in backups using plugins
    • Fixed outlook backup problems
    • Empty warnings in log in certain situations
    • Refresh job status in GUI and tray after app restart
    • "Invalid floating point operation" and "List index out of bounds (-1)" exception errors
    Changes in FBackup 5.0.396 (12-Mar-2014)
    • Update: Added French translation for GUI
    • Fix:Large backups to Blu-ray discs failed in some situations
    • Fix:Skip files instead of aborting backup for unreadable files in block backups
    • Fix:List header font size and row height fixes when using larger DPI
    • Fix:Cannot create file "autorun.inf" error in certain specific cases
    • Fix:Put the line with "search for warning and error" in info log
    Changes in FBackup 5.0.389 (04-Mar-2014)
    • Fix: A focus rectangle will be shown in scheduler list/grid
    • Fix: Ribbon context menus were shown for history and scheduler even if unrelated
    • Fix: No errors were shown when the statuses for scheduled tasks were enabled or disabled
    • Fix: The destination link will not be loaded if not needed
    Changes in FBackup 5.0.372 (21-Feb-2014)
    • Fix: Shutdown after backup didn't work in Windows XP/2003/2008 R2 (x64)
    • Fix: Custom icons for backup jobs were not correctly loaded
    • Fix: Runtime error when cancelling a Test operation
    • Fix: Language didn't stay selected when switching from English
    • Fix: Auto-dismiss "insert disk" notification when a disk is inserted during spanned backups
    • Fix: Notification sounds after backup didn't play entire audio
    • Fix: Modified text on notification message for spanned backups
    • Fix: Test after backup didn't verify last disk for spanned backups in certain situations
    • Fix: Shutdown after backup didn't work in certain situations for test, cleanup and restore operations
    Changes in FBackup 5.0.360 (20-Feb-2014)
    • Fix: Improved the speed of mirror backups
    • Fix: Added additional information in error messages
    • Fix: "Invalid floating point operation" error in certain situations
    Changes in FBackup 5.0.359 (13-Feb-2014)
    • Fix: FBackup was causing occasionally a computer restart on Windows 7 when no user was logged in</FIX>
    Changes in FBackup 5.0.358 (12-Feb-2014)
    • Fix: Explore View ribbon menu was not shown in certain situations
    • Fix: In certain situations the tray notification app was consuming too much CPU, slowing down the system
    • Fix: Abort with "User press cancel" was not shown in log
    • Fix: Excluded files not removed even if option was checked for mirror backups
    • Fix: The system cannot find the file specified error when browsing for folder in New Backup Wizard
    Changes in FBackup 5.0 build 357 (Feb 11, 2014):
    • Fix: Tray menu improvements
    • Fix: Show full setup download link on hash mismatch in web installer
    • Fix: Limit by file version was not loaded correctly from .ini
    • Fix: "Show warning and error messages when scheduled" wasn't showing up in logs
    • Fix: Runtime error when the app doesn't have enough rights to open an sqlite file
    • Fix: Several other minor fixes
    Changes in FBackup 5.0 build 355 (Feb 07, 2014):
    • Fix: Username in scheduled backups was modified automatically in certain situations
    • Fix: Error "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window"
    • Fix: Fixes for tray message notifications (now in perfect sync with main interface)
    • Fix: bTray.exe is duplicated when switching from all users to current user
    • Fix: Limit bService log size to 50MB
    • Fix: Access violation at address 05B4CF91 in module 'bResourceStrings.bpl'. Read of address 13CB800C.
    • Fix: Access violation at address 05B46473 in module 'bResourceStrings.bpl'. Read of address DC458910.
    • Fix: Several other minor fixes
    Changes in FBackup 5.0 build 346 (Jan 31, 2014):
    • Fix: Settings folder path was reset without user interaction
    • Fix: Removable and external drive letters were not detected if FBackup was running as a standard user (without admin rights)
    • Fix: Improved GUI look for getting started and ribbon backstage on Windows XP and 2003
    • Fix: Miscellaneous errors when backing up open files
    • Fix: Error when comparing file versions
    • Fix: Microsoft Outlook backup problems
    Changes in FBackup 5.0 build 336 (Jan 24, 2014):
    • Fix: "Restore Default Layout" was showing buttons from "Jobs" on other sections that shouldn't have those
    • Fix: Added debug log for loading file/folder dictionary and folder tree from backup catalog
    • Fix: Hash mismatch error while trying to install via the web installer in certain situations
    • Fix: Errors when trying to backup to Samba shares were not correctly reported
    • Fix: Access violation at address 009AC236 in module 'FBackup.exe'. Read of address 00000000.
    • Fix: Several other exception errors and minor fixes
    Changes in FBackup 5.0 build 325 (Jan 15, 2014):
    • Fix: Import from previous versions will offer to copy application specific settings too
    • Fix: Display updates in List mode for running backups
    • Fix: Access violation at address 016242E1 in module 'FBackup.exe'. Read of address 0000000C.
    • Fix: Access violation at address 016245CB in module 'FBackup.exe'. Read of address 00000008.
    • Fix: Inconsistencies for messages displayed in tray
    • Fix: Error "This operation is not valid because the current image contains no valid header"
    Changes in FBackup 5.0 build 314 (Jan 06, 2014):
    • Fix: Main update link from check for updates window was invalid
    • Fix: Empty notification window when opening from tray
    • Fix: "Cannot create a file when that file already exists" error for paths longer than 255 characters
    • Fix: Create schedule task fixes
    • Fix: Disabling or changing settings for scheduled jobs didn't work correctly
    • Fix: Error when creating scheduled jobs in Windows XP with "Run whether the user is logged on or not" option on
    • Fix: Other fixes
    Changes in FBackup 5.0 build 309 (Dec 20, 2013):
    • Fix: Modified confirmation message shown when importing from previous versions
    • Fix: Several fixes when importing backups from other versions
    Changes in FBackup 5.0 build 307 (Dec 18, 2013):
    • Fix: Fixed SQL access violation error (TSQLException error)
    • Fix: Runtime error at app startup
    • Fix: Access violation at address 77C9224D in module ntdll.dll
    Changes in FBackup 5.0 build 305 (Dec 17, 2013):
    • Fix: Errors when backing up Outlook 2013
    • Fix: Errors in particular situations when backing up jobs on non-English systems
    • Fix: Errors during setup when using the web installer (unable to get the full setup)
    • Fix: Access violation at address 0052840B in module FBackup.exe. Read of address 00000260.
    Changes in FBackup 5.0 build 304 (Dec 16, 2013):
    • Fix: "Destination error (code 127072568). Cannot find description of this error code." (occurred when adding files to an imported fast mirror backup job)
    • Fix: Some startup problems on Windows XP/2003
    • Fix: Other access violation fixes

    Changes in FBackup 5.0 build 300 (Dec 11, 2013):
    • Scheduled tasks were not created with the highest privileges and thus open files were not backed up
    • License agreement was missing from the installer
    • Access violation when forcefully closing the tray icon and starting FBackup
    • Access violation at address 013E79F4 in module 'FBackup.exe'. Read of address 0000000B.
    • Access violation at address 0166B6D6 in module 'FBackup.exe'. Read of address 00000004.
    • Minor display corrections for higher DPI
    Changes in FBackup 5.0 build 245 (Nov 25, 2013):
    • In some situations Windows was unable to boot in safe mode when the FBackup service was running
    • Several other minor bug fixes
    Changes in FBackup 5.0 build 242 (Nov 18, 2013):
    • Check for updates now connects via https
    • Deleted files showed up as warnings on next run
    • "List index out of bounds (-1)" in certain situations
    • Access violation at address 00695F0A in module bBackup.exe
    • bTray was blocking shutdown
    • Several other minor bug fixes
    Changes in FBackup 5.0 build 230 (Nov 06, 2013):
    • Drastically improved the backup speed when using the mirror type to backup lots of files (over 80% improvement)
    • More than 20 bug fixes
    Changes in FBackup 5.0 build 218 (Oct 15, 2013):
    • Added new symbols for backup job warnings and errors to improve visibility
    • Added new option to disable the explorer context menu for FBackup
    • The built-in scheduled tasks were not imported correctly from version 4
    • In some cases the Mirror backup jobs were shown as Full backup jobs
    • Several access violation error messages fixed
    • Added ribbon button for quick comparison between FBackup and Backup4all
    • If the web installer encounters an error in downloading the setup, the link to the full installer will be offered
    Changes in FBackup 5.0 build 192 (Sep 10, 2013):
    • "Start at Windows start-up" option was not saved when checked
    • Help page for the scheduler section was not loading
    • Selecting weekly/monthly option in scheduler without indicating the specific days/months, leads now to the page where the selection has to be made
    • Several access violation error messages fixed
    Changes in FBackup 5.0 build 190 (Jul 19, 2013):
    • Completely redesigned interface (ribbon style)
    • Quick access toolbar
    • Navigation pane
    • Windows Explorer contextual pop-up menu
    • Show job details in card/list mode (with filters and groups)
    • Password storage management
    • Notification messages
    • Allow processes to use up to 4GB of memory
    • Access FBackup according to system privileges
    • Suspend application, cancel current and all jobs as actions in right-click tasks
    • Run missed schedules
    • Redesigned Plugin Manager (with automatic plugin load and customization)
    • Display progress for the current backup job
    You can read the changelog for different versions of FBackup here:
    FBackup 9.x (current version)
    FBackup 8.x (previous version)
    FBackup 7.x (old version)
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    FBackup 5.x [YOU ARE READING THIS]

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