Check external drive for corruption

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Post by julian »

I'm using:

Version 4.5

Windows 7
all is working fine, but being a bit paranoid I would like to check if the external file where I backup onto is corrupted or not.
The immediate reason for my concern is that I pulled it out without doing 'Safely remove hardware'.
I know that usually that's not a problem, but also in a general sense I'd like to have a way to know that the backup is viable.
I have been backing up for a year or so, and have never needed to use it. Hopefully will never have to.
But basically - how can I know that it is all OK without actually trying to restore from the external drive?
Thanks for any help,

Adrian (Softland)
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The backup in destination is tested right after the backup execution.

The test phase is part of the backup process.

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