Mirror backup doing full backup each run

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Mirror backup doing full backup each run

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im backing up 200GB of data to another drive with the mirror option and scheduling the job to run once a day.
I tested the software adding and deleting a few files to see if the changes were mirrored during the backup process.
I watched the software the next day (2nd run) to see it in action, just waited for the automated task to run, i did not run the task manually, and saw that
the mirrored folder was deleted completely and the software just started copying the files all over again.
So is this the way this software was designed to "mirror" or am i setting up something wrong within the options?
I use Genie backup in another computer and the mirror job compares the files and ONLY writes any new changes on the backup folder, so the process is very quick.
If Fbackup wants to re-write 200GB of data every day to "mirror" the source data folder, it takes too long to complete and resources left aside the unnecessary wear of the hard drive.

so how does it work?

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Re: Mirror backup doing full backup each run

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By default, the Mirror backup files are only updated with the new and modified files. Please send me the complete backup log to info[at]fbackup[dot]com and also the .fkc catalog file from the backup destination.

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