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New PC

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I am about to change my PC and have a question about my Back Ups. I store all my Back Ups on a NAS server so when I change my PC I intend to copy some, not all of the files from the NAS back to the new PC. If I then use FBackup to backup any changes I make on the new PC back to the NAS will I end up with two copies of the same file or document?

I will need to set up all my mirror copies again but not sure if FBackup will detect the original file and update or create a separate copy?

Thanks for any help

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Re: New PC

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On the new PC, you can open in FBackup the backup catalogs (.fkc files) for the jobs you want to use (from the backup destination).
The backup jobs will be recreated in FBackup.
At this step it is recommended to restore the files to the new PC using FBackup. You can also manually copy them from destination to new PC source but please make sure to respect the exact path.

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