Problem extracting files

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Problem extracting files

Post by hartleypj »

HI, I have just reformatted and installed windows 7 (got a virus).

I have loaded Fbackup V4.8

When I attempt to open a pdf from my usb stick that was backed up from Fbackup 4 (before I formatted hard drive), I receive a message stating "please insert disk 2 of 3". Why does the file not open?

Also, if I try to open the file "My Docs Back Up.fkc" it does not appear in the "restore from existing backup" box.

What can I do?


Adrian (Softland)
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Re: Problem extracting files

Post by Adrian (Softland) »


1. For the first problem, it seems that is a spanned zip. Please copy all parts of the zip in the same folder and extract the archives. After that try again to open the .pdf file.

2. Are you trying to open the .fkc file using FBackup? the result should be that it will be imported and the backup job is recreated in FBackup. Where are you looking for that catalog in "restore from existing backup" box?

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