Procedure to 'RUN' a file once it has been RESTORED

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I have never used FBackup4 before and have successfully backed up the contents of my 650 GB HDD. I can do a RESTORE and then find the files on my designated drive. I use Incredimail as my e-mail client and have previously backed up these files to my hard drive. (The 650GB one I have backed up)

When I do the RESTORE I can find the backup file and the Incredimail client BUT how do I get the backed up e-mails to be displayed. When I double click on the file the file details appear above the Taskbar but nothing happens!Help guys I'm desperate to read some of my recent messages.

I have viewed some 'how to' videos but they seem to work differently to my set-up. I realise I must not being interpreting the instructions, being a 'newbie'!
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Adrian (Softland)
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1. Did you restore the files in the original location?

2. Was Incredimail closed during restore?

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