v5 Hanging

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v5 Hanging

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I'm trying v5... not happy so far. It said it imported my backup file from v4, but choked. I've tried running another (new) backup- it has hung on 99% "prepare files list". It has taken many hours. Possibly >12 hrs, but I'd left it alone and went out to do some work, so not sure when the hanging started.

Not impressed at this stage. Packaging looks OK, but execution is far from acceptable. Going to give it a few more hours.... I have ~1,050,000 files. Normally, when running v4, I could do a backup in 15-20 mins.(running mirror backups) Not so here. The first run, where I imported the backup file from v4 took >12 hours. and then "failed", hence trying again with new backup... which seems to have gone off into la-la land. I'm running win7 Pro 64 bit, 2TB HD, 2TB ext HD, 8GB RAM i7. HELP!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!

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Re: v5 Hanging

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We tested FBackup successfully with over 10 millions of files.
Can you please send me the last backup job to info[at]fbackup[dot]com to see what the problem was?

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