Duplicate files and folders after renaming

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Duplicate files and folders after renaming

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I am using FBackup5 to create an unencrypted mirror backup on a weekly basis.
I have just realised that if I have renamed a file or folder since the last back up, a whole new copy of that file or folder is created and sits alongside the previous version instead of replacing it. This has obviously been going on since I started so I now have a huge amount of such duplication in the backup and cannot possibly remember which would be the correct versions of my work to go back to if I needed.
Am I missing something, or is this simply a feature of the software? Is there any setting I need to adjust so that Fbackup5 simply renames or replaces the previous version during the backup process instead of creating anew?
Otherwise the only way forward I see is to wipe my existing back up and start afresh, and do that on a regular basis.
Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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Re: Duplicate files and folders after renaming

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What is the backup type you use?
If you use the Mirror backup type, please open Backup Properties->Mirror.
Select the "Remove excluded or deleted files from backup" option. This way, the old file names will be deleted while the new ones will be backed up.

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