Error code 123926836

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Error code 123926836

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everytime I launch the backup, there is a lot of warning related to files .mdf and .ldf (database file of Microsoft sql server).
the message is this:
[30/11/2013 13:23:38] Warning: Skipping file E:\DbSql2012\xxxx.ldf
Destination error (code 123926836). Cannot find description of this error code. (E:\DbSql2012\xxxxx.ldf). F:\Backup\E\xxxxx.ldf.

If I stop the service mssql, the backup works fine.
what can I do to backup also these files?

thank you

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: Error code 123926836

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Backing up MS SQL server is a particular case. You need to stop the server before the backup and restart it after that.
Here is an article about how to backup MS SQL using our commercial product Backup4all (which can stop and restart MS SQL server automatically): ... 20.html#03

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