Fbackup 6.4 will not run

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Fbackup 6.4 will not run

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Have used and enjoyed Fbackup for several years -- saved me a couple of times. Just bought new computer - Dell XPS8920. Programme came across and Fback still shows in Programmes and Features - BUT when I try to run a backup it says it is-- says there was 'success' - and does it all in less than 30 seconds. Checking files -- it only shows the last back - done just before Computer was changed. Should I dump exiting programme and re-install???
Anyone with comment on Back4All?? Worth it?? Is it as easy to run as Fbackup???

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Re: Fbackup 6.4 will not run

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You need to create a new backup job as the old one does not seems to include the files you want to back up on the new computer.

Backup4all is the professional edition of FBackup. It is easy to run but it has many more features and destinations for backup.

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