FBackup V9 stops at 61% - anyone else seen this?

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FBackup V9 stops at 61% - anyone else seen this?

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I'm pretty new to FBackup so I'm still stumbling my way round some of the parameters and what its doing during its various phases.

I had been using SyncBackFree for years on various machines and Windows 10 but for some reason it refused to run the scheduled backup, after my move to a new desktop and Windows 11.

So after giving up trying to get SyncBAck to work, a few weeks ago, I downloaded FBackup 9 and set up a backup from my Windows 11 Pro Desktop PC to my Synology Mirrored disk NAS box.

The initial FBackup backup chugged away for hours and did eventually start the actual backup. My link to the NAS box is, in part, over a WiFi link in a mesh network so I expected it to take a while, but after a day or so it got stuck at 61%. I tried again with the same result. I thought, that maybe FBackup was running slowly because the desktop was in use monitoring my CCTV system, but even when I left it running overnight with nothing else running it still took hours and stopped at 61%. Plenty of space on the NAS box.

I saw that version 9 was fairly new so I downloaded version 8 and it worked fine. The first backup took a while but it finished and subsequent backups take about 11 minutes (a few MB and a dozen or so files).

My total backup source is about 80GB and 84000 files so not very big. A mixture of office files, music and photos.

After quite a few days of successful daily automatic backups I reverted to version 9. Again it stopped in exactly the same place 61%. This was a fresh backup job but working on similar directories.
Again, I reverted to version 8 and its been working fine for quite a few days.

Thanks for any crumbs of advice.


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Re: FBackup V9 stops at 61% - anyone else seen this?

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In FBackup 9, please open Backup Properties->Type page.
Uncheck the "Copy files using Windows native API".
Press Save and see if you still have the problem.

If the problem still exists, can you please send us the last backup log for the backup executed with version 9? Send it to info[at]fbackup[dot]com
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