FBackup won't run without Password

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I'm new to FBackup and I'm using the free version (V4.5 Build234). I cannot get FBackup to work as I don't have (and I don't want to have) a username/password for my home PC. Everytime I try and schedule a job it asks for a Username/Password. I don't have one so I leave it blank. I then get the error "The task has been configured with an unsupported combination of account settings and run time options, Error in iPersistFile.Save". As a result my job never runs. I have gone into Properties and tried to reschedule again, but it won't run.
I have read you can run FBackup without usernames/passwords but this seems to be incorrect. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Adrian (Softland)
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Please open Backup Properties->Scheduler->Edit->Properties.

Select "With built-in scheduler" option and press OK.

Press Save and see if you still have the problem.

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