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I was hoping someone could help me. I was pretty impressed with this program when I stumbled upon it a few months ago. It works pretty well if you do manual backups or rely on the scheduler that's built in with the program. However, doing scheduled backups using the Vista Task Scheduler isn't working that great...
I am able to use the Vista Task Scheduler when I am logged in as the user that the task is scheduled for. When that happens, the task runs perfectly fine. However, if the box for Running Whether the User is Logged On or Not is checked, the task doesn't run at all.
Is there a way for the Admin to explain or possibly add in the feature of scheduling backups without using the Task Scheduler? Or perhaps creating an agent that starts with the Local Machine to launch the scheduler in the background? I feel like this is the feature that would definitely make this software be completely awesome! Let me know what you think, thanks!

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We added your request to our Wishlist.

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