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Backup jobs

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As you can tell, I am new here at this forum. :o

I am using FBackup v8.7 for some time now for backing-up files and sub-dirs from the C:-disk to my Synology NAS.
I also have two (identical) laptops with in general have many of the same programs on them.
On my laptop FBackup is setup with 5 back-up jobs.

Now my question is: are the FBackup jobs saved as seperate files on the C:-disk and if so where can I find them?
That would be nice, because I would only have to copy them on to the other laptop to make it work! ;)

If the above isn't applicable, then is there an other way to achieve that or do I have to set FBackup up again on the other laptop?

Thanks for 'listening', hope to hear from someone.

I finally(!) found the answer I was looking for!
I was searching the disk for "FBackup" instead I should have searched the disk for "Softland".... which I did....
In the dir "C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Softland\FBackup 8\Jobs\" I found what I was looking for.

Sorry for bothering you with such a trivial matter. Thanks!

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