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I decided to give the program a try since I got tired of manually backing up things. A few things I couldn't find any information about that made me a bit anxious during my first backup were the following:
1. It did not acknowledge the existing folders I had backed up previously. Further testing of course showed that it works fine for files copied with the program, but it did catch me a bit off guard and made me worry that perhaps it always would copy all files and just overwrite old files, which seemed like a poor system. After testing I now know I had nothing to worry about, but I felt like some information could have made me less anxious during the process. Maybe just a comment about how the first backup always copies files, even if the target has backup files already. It could be in the FAQ, the front page or inside the program when you do your first backup job.
2. I expected it to support deletion of backed up files when they no longer existed in the source folders. I found a thread about how this was missing, but also saw that just a few months before I downloaded it, you had implemented the function. I'm grateful and thought I'd just suggest that you also add this on your front page information so people are aware that it supports this. After all it is a very popular feature that many feel a need for. Commenting that it is optional and need to be turned on would also be good. Not everyone might be reading the forum before they download programs.
That is just my suggestions for future visitors to get a better understanding of what they are downloading. It is a nice product and I hope to be using it for a while.

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FBackup does not store multiple versions of the backup.

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