Backup from NAS to NAS

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Backup from NAS to NAS

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I am in need of a backup facility rhat backs up from one NAS to anotherThe reason is that the second NAS is on another location. but for instance in Windows 10 I can reach them both. I even have the possibility to define both NAsés as de disk in my system X: and Y:.
The possibilities I have tried Always resulted thaat I could no backup Network drives. So is there a possiility to work around that problem?
Let me be clesr I don't have much room on my system to use it as a inbetween storage.

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Re: Backup from NAS to NAS

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In FBackup you cannot back up from network sources.
Please try using our commercial edition: Backup4all (, so that you can back up from one NAS to another NAS.

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