backup to two alternating external HDD

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I'm trying to backup to 2 different external hard disks, the plan being to back up to one HDD then next time the other, then the first etc... (one is kept off site). i want to copy files uncompressed.

can i check my settings:

as far as i can tell i need to 'mirror' and then by using a shortcut check 'clear backup before run'. Am i correct in thinking this will delete the old '.fkc' file but *not* the previously backed-up files (as they are not zipped). Then based on the current file list copy over only whatever is missing from the *current* destination external HDD.

Is this true? My concern is it will backup with reference to the last backup job which is in fact a different external hdd.
Also, I assume it recognised drives by assigned letter, not drive name. (I'm using XP). True? what if the usb letter then changes?
thanks for your help, and your great software.

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You want to create a backup rotation scheme. This cannot be done using FBackup.
Please read this article about how you can do that using Backup4all: ... e-259.html

Do you know you can monitor your backups remotely with Backup4all Monitor? You can read more here:

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