Can I backup my backup jobs settings?

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Can I backup my backup jobs settings?

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I would like to upgrade to windows 10 by doing a clean reinstall. Doing this I will have to re-download FBackup once again and reinstall it. Is there a way to save my current backup jobs settings so I can use the same ones once I reinstall Fbackup?
My backup jobs do a mirror of my files so only the new ones are backed up at the end of the day. All my files are on a separate drive from my c drive and my backups are done on an external drive, so the jobs would remain identical. I have a lot of files, so starting new backup job from scratch would take a long time so I would like to avoid that, if I could.

Would a new mirror backup job of the same files to the same external drive continue were it left off or does it have to start all over again and re wright all my currently saved backup files?

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Re: Can I backup my backup jobs settings?

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In FBackup, there is a plugin for the FBackup configurations.
Create a new backup job and use it on the backup sources page. This will back up all application files, including the backup jobs and settings.
After you reinstall the OS you can download and install FBackup from our website, then you just need to open the .bkc catalog file for the above job, from the backup destination. Restore it and you will get all backup jobs and settings back.

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