How many licenses do I need?

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I am going to have this program installed on 2 computers, but backing up data from 10 other computers. How many licenses do I need? This is assuming that I am going to have to purchase the program, because what I want it to do, I think is in that version (to keep prior versions of the backup file). This is related to the "which version do I need to have installed"


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Please note FBackup is free, but you cannot have backup sources from network drives.

You can use our commercial edition: Backup4all, which can backup network source files.
You can use a single license of Backup4all for the scenario you described. Please note you cannot back up open files over the network. If you have open files to be backed up, you need to install a license of Backup4all on each computer.

Do you know you can monitor your backups remotely with Backup4all Monitor? You can read more here:

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