"not a valid backup job or group"

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Hi. I have 3 different users on my computer. Each user has set up their own fbackup job. Problem is that each of those jobs wants to run on its own when the user is not logged on. When this happens a pop-up comes on the screen saying "Paramater "user's name" is not a valid backup job or group". Each user has scheduled a mirror backup every 15 minutes, so every 15 minutes 2 pop-ups appear on my screen with the saying above.
Otherwise I LOVE this backup utility. Just awesome and you can't beat the price :-)
Thanks in advance for your help.

Adrian (Softland)
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How did you configured the schedulers?

Is the backup job named after the user's name?
Can you find the invalid schedulers in Control Panel->Task Scheduler?

Please send the tasks with problems to info[at]fbackup[dot]com

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