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Performance check

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I have had a lot of past problems with backups. The worst came one time when my techie had me connected to about the best known backup program. When my computer crashed I learned the hard way that the backup was far from complete and I was never able to recover much important data. I'm now hooked up to FBackup, software I've never heard of before. I now feel I need to be sure it is working properly and doing a complete backup. I need to have a way of determining how well it will work should I have a crash. I need to be able to determine for myself that it will restore ALL of my data should I have a crash. Please tell me how I can do this.

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Re: Performance check

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First, please note FBackup was not designed for system backups, but for data files backups only.
If you want to test the backup performed with FBackup, please restore the files to another location. See if all the files were correctly restored.

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