Resored files and folders are read only

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Resored files and folders are read only

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I recently had to reimage a pc windows 10, created the local user account and reloaded fbackup, I was able to located the backup index on network drive which reset my backup job setting etc. I was able to restore all of the user files. After all of the files and folder were restored everything looked fine but, I noticed that all of the files and folders are read only. The local user account is a local system admin.

I used a mirror backup with no compression, in the restore, I selected latest version of the files and restore to original location. There were no subfolders in the user profile and the restore recreated all of my sub folders. The only file that I skipped was the windows ini file as it said it already existed.

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Re: Resored files and folders are read only

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Were the files restored with the same permissions?
Do they have specific permissions to the old user account which no longer exists?
What about if you restore them to another location?

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