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First of all: I just downloaded this program and it's GREAT!!! Thank you!
The problem I have is that I already have a mirror of my files. I have kept it by manually copying files to another drive. I have over 350GB files at this time and I really wouldn't want to copy all of the files again, which I would have to do if I started to use FBackup.
Could there be an option to read through the destination directory first and make a database of the files already stored? This way it would be possible to start using the program on top of my old mirror.
I was also looking for the ability to make a true mirror (that the program would delete all the files from the destination that don't exist in the source anymore). I was happy to see that it is already on the wishlist.
(Anyhow I feel these two things might be connected in a way.)

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For mirror backup type, FBackup uses a catalog to determine what files need to be backed up. Your request would mean to build the catalog based on the already copied files. This is not possible with FBackup. You will run a backup job and to copy the files again (this way the catalog will be created).

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