Version 7 Import Error

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Version 7 Import Error

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I just updated to v7 from v6 and imported all my existing v6 jobs. It seemed like all went well. For security reasons I always delete the older version of software so I immediately deleted v6.

I found out my scheduled jobs were not running. I tried the trick of reviewing and resaving the schedule tab, but it still wouldn't work. Error Code (from Scheduled Tasks) was 2147942667 (invalid directory). Everything looked OK in the scheduled tasks, but I found the following: For each scheduled task that was imported, in the Actions tab, press Edit, the start in (optional) field was set to C:\Program Files (x86)\Softland\FBackup 6\. (And since I had deleted v6, it removed the FBackup6 subdirectory). Note too: this is the lowest part of the directory and is not visible when you first examine the entry; you have to scroll over to see it.

Anyways, I updated the Start In entry to .../Fbackup 7 and the backups now work. So bottom line is that when the v6 jobs are imported into v7, the start in folder should also be updated.

Thanks for the great backup product! I hope I made it a little better!!

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Re: Version 7 Import Error

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We fixed the problem in 7.0.199