What is Best Email Client for use with FBackup

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I am setting up a new 64 bit Windows 7 PC. I used Outlook Express in my old XP system, and the Plugin allowed for COMPLETE restoration of everything, including settings and format.
The new Windows 7 PC email client will be either Thunderbird or Outlook.
The Plugin that describes Thunderbird backups lists profiles, emails and address book. It is rated at 6 out of 9 on your Plugin site. Would this Plugin also recreate the formatting of Thunderbird, as is the case with the Outlook Express Plugin?
Since there is no Outlook Plugin for FBackup, I see at this post that you can set it up manually. http://www.fbackup.com/forum/topic/back ... d-settings (Looks like a lot of work, and doesn't list Windows 7). I was wondering if the Outlook Plugin can be extracted from Backup4All and Added to FBackup Plugins?

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Both plugins you mentioned can restore the emails and settings mentioned for your email account.
The MS Outlook plugin cannot be extracted from Backup4all and used in FBackup.

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