Why are all of the catalog *.fkc poluting my backups?

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Why do you have to pollute my backup folders with all of these Catalog *.fkc files. Put them in the install folder or App. Data folder but not scattered all over my hard drives.
I want clean backups that can be restored with or with out your program and this is not helping. I have to cleanup after you after every backup attempt even when the backups have failed to copy any files like they mostly do now.
This program looks nice and has an easy to use interface but doesn't work as advertised and makes a mess doing it.
Please fix this

Adrian (Softland)
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The .fkc catalog file is stored in two locations: in the local catalog folder and in destination.

It is important to have this file in destination, near the backup. If your local hard drive crashes or you want to restore the files in another location, you will be able to open the catalog on another computer and restore the files using FBackup.

You can also use WinZip to open and extract the zipped backup files.
If you have problems with FBackup, you can send us the last backup log from View->Job Logs->Last backup log to info[at]fbackup[dot]com

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