Accessibility with screen reader needs attention

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Accessibility with screen reader needs attention

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You said some time ago that you were working on accessibility improvements and I notice that you have added shortcut codes to the tabs ribbon and to the items on each tab. This is fine if I can see but struggle to move the mouse, as I can use the keyboard to activate many things.

The problem arises when I cannot see, because there is no voicing of the ribbon tab names or icons or shortcuts, so I cannot tell where I am. All I can get is something which says "Tab Control".

Secondly, I have 3 backup jobs (shown in card format, but list format seems worse) and cannot find a way to choose between them, except by clicking the mouse on the one I want to run. When I tab around the window I hear "Pane", which I presume is the jobs list pane, but I can do nothing in it and it will not speak to me at all. I need to be able to cycle round the buttons on each job line and to ne able to move between jobs in the list.

You can get lots of free advice on how to code your app to comply with accessibility good practice - just Google an outfit in your area. Please can you keep working on making FBackup fully accessible for vision-impaired people?

I am using the NVDA screen reader. By all means contact me if you would like more detail on the issues. Brian Crabtree

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Re: Accessibility with screen reader needs attention

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I created a ticket for these problems and our developers will fix them.

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