Fbackup Does Not Load At Login

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Fbackup Does Not Load At Login

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Fbackup5 will not load at Log On. It does not accept a tick in the box in File> Options> Start Up> (I am running Windows 7 Home Edition)
This seems to be the same problem that existed in Fbackup 4
The instructions listed for a manual Windows set-up to run Fbackup 4 is
1. Go to Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Task Scheduler->Task Scheduler Library
2. From Action menu, select Create Task.
3. Write a name for this task and check the "Run with highest privileges" option.
4. Go to Triggers tab->New.
5. From the "Begin the task" list, select "At log on" and press OK.
6. Go to Actions tab->New.
7. Browse for FBackup installation folder and choose the Fbackup.exe file.
8. Press OK.
I tried to use this format for Fbackup 5. Unfortunately there is no file named Fbackup.exe
What is the exact name of the file I should choose in the Fbackup 5 System Folder? As it appears in Windows 7

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Re: Fbackup Does Not Load At Login

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Do you use build 192 of FBackup? We just fixed that problem in build 192.

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