FBackup doesn't see .hosts or C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc

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Adrian (Softland)
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I just backed up those files with no problem.

Please make sure you use an administrator account and you start FBackup as administrator.

What is the error message you receive if you use as source the "config" folder?

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Post by b8two »

Perhaps I should Clarify, this was tried in Windows Server 2008 R2 (Windows 7 64bit is the equivalent)

The Account is not "Administrator" but is an administrator of the machine.
I hacked the (ini) file to include the files I wanted;

(Note that the first two files (Test & Hosts) have icon's in the GUI but the last three files do not)



Name: IISconfig

Group: My Backup Jobs


Ini file: C:\Users\TrackIQ\AppData\Roaming\Softland\FBackup 4\IniFiles\IISconfig.ini

Destination type: Local hard drive

Drive: G:

Folder: G:\My Backup\

Catalog: G:\My Backup\IISconfig.fkc







Include filter:

Include all files.

Exclude filter:

Temporary Files - use as exclude

( File name = '*.tmp|*.temp|*.bak|*.chk|*.fkc-journal')
Backup type:

Type: Mirror

Clear archive bit: No

Folder name prefix: none

Fast mirror: Yes

Create full paths: No

Copy files in a subfolder: No

Remove excluded or deleted files from backup: Yes

Only if source drive is available: No

Zip the files: No

Copy NTFS security permissions: No

Copy NTFS alternate file streams: No

Allow file splitting when spanning: No

Sort mirror files for optimized spanning: No
Advanced settings:


Use local catalog: Yes

Test after backup: Yes

Delete sources after successful backup: No

Ask for backup label before execution: No

Backup open files: Yes

Store temporary catalog data in memory Yes

Backup execution priority: Normal priority


Action before backup: not enabled

Action after backup: not enabled


Comparison criteria: [Size, Date modified, Date created, Read-Only, Archived, Hidden, System]

Sounds: not enabled
Emails: not enabled

Show warning and error messages when scheduled: No

Abort backup when source drives are not available: No

Ask for user input when backup cannot continue: No

I've now removed IIS from the machine and will image a virtual machine instead.

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