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I was trying out the fbackup4 on my windows server 2008. I did a "mirror" backup from my E drive to my NAS (mapped as Z drive). The backup completed with no errors. However, I found that for some folders that have files with *.BAK were empty.
I tried backup the *.BAK files and same thing happened.
From the log, it shows the number of folders but the files was zero.
I did another test and found the following:
It can only backup new files that have never been bkup before.
If I had backup the folders\files & deleted them at the destination, I will not be able to backup the same folders\files again.
I am not sure if my observation is correct.
Pls advise.


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1. The .bak files are excluded by default from the backup because they are temporary files. To include them in backup, open Backup Properties->Filters and delete the default filter.

Press Save and run again the backup.
2. It seems you used the Mirror backup type.

Please note that this type will only copy new and modified files to destination. If you manually remove the files from destination (which you shouldn't) they won't be backed up again as FBackup will look in catalog to decide which files needs to be backed up.

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