How to restore data after a hard drive crash

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This article explains how to restore files and folders from a backup after a hard drive crash.
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How to restore data from a backup using FBackup

   How to restore data from a backup stored on a local drive, external USB drive or LAN

How to restore data from a backup without using FBackup

FBackup creates standard zip files thus to restore data from a backup it is not necessary to use it, you can use other compatible zip programs. However, the easiest method (and recommended) is to let FBackup restore the data.
Note: Zip files are created only when using the Full backup type. Mirror backups contain uncompressed data.

How to restore data from a backup using FBackup
In order to restore data from a backup, the .bkc catalog and backup files are necessary. These are located on the backup destination, which can be one of the following: local hard drive, external hard drive or LAN.
First make sure that the backup destination is available for the restore process:

- if backup is stored on an USB drive, make sure the external USB drive is properly connected and is turned on

- for a LAN destination, make sure the network is connected

If the destination is available, follow these steps to restore the data:

Open FBackup and go to File->Open. Browse the backup destination for the .bkc catalog file that you want to restore from, select it and press Open. This will add the backup job in the backup list.
Right-click the backup job and select Restore (or press F7). This will open the Restore Wizard.
In the Where do you want to restore section, select the location where the data will be restored.

If you select Use original location, make sure that the same drive letters you had on the original location exist on your new hard drive. FBackup will try to re-create the same files paths. If you're not sure what drive configuration you had, it is recommended to select Choose another location.
If you select Choose another location, you can browse for a restore destination.

In the How do you want to restore section, make sure that Restore the latest version of all files is the selected option.
Click Finish and the restore process will be performed.

How to restore data from a backup without using FBackup
FBackup creates standard zip files that can be opened with 3rd party zip programs. It is not necessary to have FBackup installed in order to restore data from the .zip files. Windows Explorer can be used to open the .zip files up to 2 Gb and WinZip 9.1 or later is used to open .zip files larger than 2 Gb.
Steps to restore data using Windows Explorer:

Right-click the .zip file and select Extract All...
In the new opened window click Next.
Select a location where the files will be unzipped. Click Next.
Set (check) the “Show extracted files” option and click Finish. The destination folder will be opened.

If you have used the mirror type for backup, you can simply use the copy-paste commands in order to restore your data to a restore folder. To accomplish that, please follow these steps:

Open Windows Explorer and go to the backup destination.
Open Edit menu->click Select All (Ctrl+A).
Open Edit menu->click Copy (Ctrl+C).
Go to the restore folder.
Open Edit menu->click Paste (Ctrl+V).

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