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[Changelog] FBackup 9

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Below is the changelog for the public builds of Fbackup 9. This version was first released in March 2021 and it is still being enhanced. It is SUPPORTED on the following operating systems: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP SP3, Server 2019/2016/2012/2008/2003 (32/64-bits).

You can download the latest version of Fbackup from:

NOTE: Version 9 installs separately from the previous versions (doesn't overwrite those), and offers a way to import backup jobs from other detected versions.

Changes in FBackup 9.9.926 (02-July-2024)
  • New: Duplicate scheduler frequency options
  • Updated: Amazon S3 regions
  • Fixed: In some situations, preview on restore did not work
  • Fixed: AV when trying to create resumable entry in history
Changes in FBackup 9.9.916 (29-May-2024)
  • Added: Filters on the History page
  • Updated: Italian language for the user interface
  • Fixed: Online connections were not saved in some situations
Changes in FBackup 9.9.911 (24-May-2024)
  • Updated: Important changes when using Google Drive as source
  • Updated: Important changes when using Google Drive as destination
  • Updated: Changes when using Gmail for email notifications
Changes in FBackup 9.9.895 (14-May-2024)
  • Added: New backup plugin for Greenshot
  • Updated: Multiple language revisions
Changes in FBackup 9.9.869 (15-April-2024)
  • Fixed: Uninstall issues on unsupported Windows versions
Changes in FBackup 9.9.860 (25-March-2024)
  • Fixed: Regional settings issue with cloud backups
Changes in FBackup 9.9.855 (16-February-2024)
  • Updated: Compatibility with the latest Windows Insider Preview build
Changes in FBackup 9.9.853 (09-February-2024)
  • Fixed: Error when restoring files from a smart backup in root of an external drive
  • Fixed: Detection of invalid paths when backing up or restoring
  • Fixed: Loading catalog on restore
Changes in FBackup 9.9.849 (15-January-2024)
  • Fixed: Error when defining new online connection via New Backup Wizard
  • Fixed: Google Drive compatibility fixes
Changes in FBackup 9.9.846 (15-December-2023)
  • Added: New backup plugin for AnyDesk
  • Added: New backup plugin for RustDesk
  • Updated: Danish language
  • Updated: German language improvements
  • Fixed: Root folders not found on mirror backup to be removed
  • Fixed: Google Shared Drive was not visible in some situations
Changes in FBackup 9.8.840 (16-November-2023)
  • Fixed: Invalid backups for sources with Linux backslashes in filename
  • Fixed: Renaming source folders on mirror backups returned warnings when running
  • Fixed: Warnings after running mirror backups to Google Drive for files with split size set
  • Fixed: "Open log folder" option was missing from the ribbon
  • Fixed: Windows 11 Canary Channel was wrongfully identified as Windows 12
Changes in FBackup 9.8.826 (19-October-2023)
  • Added: New backup plugin for Spotify
  • Added: New backup plugin for Studio One
  • Added: New backup plugin for Moneydance
  • Fixed: Error uploading to Google Drive root folder (when no folder was selected)
  • Fixed: Minor issue for mirror backups on Google Drive
  • Fixed: Cannot switch between Dropbox Personal and Business in Online Connections options
Changes in FBackup 9.8.815 (11-August-2023)
  • Fixed: Cannot add new source files/folders to existing backup job
Changes in FBackup 9.8.808 (25-July-2023)
  • Added: Option to add sources from the "Shared with me" Google Drive folder
  • Added: Option to set the "Shared with me" Google Drive folder as destination
  • Added: New backup plugin for FL Studio
  • Added: New backup plugin for Rambox
  • Added: New backup plugin for Wondershare PDFelement
  • Added: New backup plugin for OnlyOffice Desktop Editor
  • Fixed: ID path processing on Google Drive
Changes in FBackup 9.8.774 (07-June-2023)
  • Fixed: Sources using UNC paths for mirror backups were skipped
  • Fixed: File already exists error when trying to create a new file
Changes in FBackup 9.8.764 (16-May-2023)
  • Fixed: Files were uploaded in the root of Google Drive in some situations
  • Fixed: Could not restore certain backups from Google Drive
  • Fixed: Failure while trying to delete excluded folders
  • Fixed: Restoring files and folders with long paths
  • Fixed: Different folder case with obfuscate resulted in warnings
Changes in FBackup 9.8.743 (20-March-2023)
  • Fixed: Mirrored files were copied multiple times in some situations
Changes in FBackup 9.8.740 (16-March-2023)
  • Fixed: Test for cloud destinations
  • Fixed: Backup not saved in catalog after test result with warning
  • Fixed: Skipping files with incomplete paths
Changes in FBackup 9.8.734 (7-March-2023)
  • Fixed: Files were tested multiple times after backup
  • Fixed: Warnings on test after backup - for obfuscated files
  • Fixed: Sign only using SHA2
Changes in FBackup 9.8.729 (27-February-2023)
  • Fixed: Clean destination folder
  • Fixed: HTTPS use for in-place installer update
Changes in FBackup 9.8.708 (04-January-2023)
  • Fixed: False positive virus detection
  • Fixed: Sources from Google drive were not working correctly
Changes in FBackup 9.8.702 (13-December-2022)
  • Added: New backup plugin for Xplorer2
  • Added: New backup plugin for AIMP
  • Updated: Japanese partial translation
  • Fixed: Job icon transparency
Changes in FBackup 9.8.699 (28-November-2022)
  • Fixed: Failed to establish TLS connection error
  • Fixed: Range check error in bTray.exe
Changes in FBackup 9.8.693 (18-November-2022)
  • Fixed: Mirror Backup from Dropbox was backing up all files every time
  • Fixed: Change default selection for files not fitting on CD or DVD media
  • Fixed: Transparent icons for some UI elements
Changes in FBackup 9.8.682 (18-October-2022)
  • Added: Backup plugin for Vyapar
  • Added: Backup plugin for 1Password
  • Updated: Polish translation
Changes in FBackup 9.8.677 (26-September-2022)
  • Added: Backup plugin for EventSentry Light
  • Added: Backup plugin for GoodAccess
  • Added: Backup plugin for Shield Antivirus
  • Updated: Finnish translation
  • Fixed: Window position on second screen
  • Fixed: Date and time of restored files and folders
Changes in FBackup 9.8.656 (16-August-2022)
  • Fixed: Update progress in Progress View
Changes in FBackup 9.8.649 (09-August-2022)
  • Fixed: Display issues when using 300% font scaling
Changes in FBackup 9.8.647 (05-August-2022)
  • Fixed: Google authentication issues
Changes in FBackup 9.8.646 (03-August-2022)
  • Added: Backup plugin for Bitrix24
  • Added: Backup plugin for TallyPrime
  • Fixed: Text spacing issues when 180% text size was used
  • Fixed: "Cannot delete folder" warning for some backup jobs with plugins
  • Fixed: Remove from backup catalog deleted files on blu-ray using mirror
  • Fixed: Skip files having paths longer than 127 chars on CD/DVD/Bluray
  • Fixed: Custom date filter was not working correctly in some rare situations
Changes in FBackup 9.7.624 (15-June-2022)
  • Fixed: Outlook plugin included all files all the time
  • Fixed: Application was very slow at during the "updating catalog" phase
Changes in FBackup 9.7.617 (06-June-2022)
  • Fixed: Import error from version 8
Changes in FBackup 9.7.613 (31-May-2022)
  • Updated: Polish translation for the interface
  • Fixed: File is not a valid boolean value error
  • Fixed: Application stuck during "updating catalog" phase
  • Fixed: Error trying to write more data than space on optical discs
Changes in FBackup 9.6.574 (20-April-2022)
  • Fixed: "Parent folder not found in tree" error for full backups with 1 version limit
  • Fixed: Backup catalog versioning not storing versions in some situations
  • Fixed: Multithreading status is shown in log
  • Fixed: False "Cannot delete folder" warning for mirror backups
  • Fixed: Custom number of threads option was ignored for multithreading in some situations
Changes in FBackup 9.6.556 (5-April-2022)
  • Added: Backup plugin for Bitdefender Total Security
  • Updated: Turkish language
  • Fixed: Dropbox re-authentication was required for scheduled backups
  • Fixed: List index out of bounds error for some GoogleDrive backups
  • Fixed: Error when media burner was disconnected
  • Fixed: Backup to CD/DVD did not perform retries
  • Fixed: Jobs were not renamed if destination was in the cloud
  • Fixed: Could not upload catalog to Google Drive in some cases
Changes in FBackup 9.5.525 (8-march-2022)
  • Updated: Danish translation and strings for other languages
  • Fixed: Restore pst/ost files created with block backup
Changes in FBackup 9.5.520 (25-February-2022)
  • Fixed: "List index out of bounds" error
  • Fixed: Thunderbird backup with warnings
Changes in FBackup 9.5.518 (23-February-2022)
  • Updated: Danish language
  • Fixed: Test/restore from LAN was not working correctly when password was used
Changes in FBackup 9.5.512 (16-February-2022)
  • Fixed: Application froze when there were many backup versions
  • Fixed: Statistics displayed erroneous information in some cases
Changes in FBackup 9.5.510 (11-February-2022)
  • Fixed: Email notifications when using Gmail
Changes in FBackup 9.5.508 (10-February-2022)
  • Added: Option to increase backup speed by using multiple parallel threads
  • Added: Automatic resource allocation to improve job action speed
  • Fixed: Duplicates were not allowed
  • Fixed: Listing files when using Google Drive as a destination
  • Fixed: Restoring from Google Drive error: Premature end of file reached
Changes in FBackup 9.4.464 (14-December-2021)
  • Fixed: "Open from" did not show the available backup catalogs
  • Fixed: Application freezes when trying to import jobs with many exclusions
Changes in FBackup 9.4.460 (6-December-2021)
  • Fixed: Empty catalog cloning
Changes in FBackup 9.4.458 (2-December-2021)
  • Fixed: Prevent bug reports in ExploreView
  • Fixed: AV Error when triggering a full backup for a differential one
  • Fixed: Cannot import jobs from v4
Changes in FBackup 9.4.452 (25-November-2021)
  • Added: Show information about configuration jobs that cannot be imported
  • Fixed: Could not start backup for empty tag
  • Fixed: Access violation in module KERNELBASE.dll
  • Fixed: File progress for mirror with zip
Changes in FBackup 9.4.448 (19-November-2021)
  • Added: Backup plugin for Epic Browser
  • Added: Backup plugin for ACDSee
  • Fixed: Mirror with zip on Google Drive created duplicate files in certain situations
  • Fixed: Restore mirror with zip showed an incorrect file date
  • Fixed: Close VSS helper app when no jobs are running
  • Fixed: Different file size for some mirror backups
  • Fixed: Data error warning
  • Fixed: Some occasional volume shadow copy issues
  • Fixed: USN journal
Changes in FBackup 9.3.434 (1-November-2021)
  • Fixed: Cannot import jobs with plugins from v8 to v9
  • Fixed: List index out of bounds error for some specific backups
  • Fixed: Duplicate files for Outlook backups in certain situations
Changes in FBackup 9.3.428 (18-October-2021)
  • Fixed: Duplicate entries in FileVersions/FolderVersions for excluded files/folders
  • Fixed: "All files skipped, nothing to backup error" for some backup jobs
  • Fixed: Backup for files with long paths
Changes in FBackup 9.3.420 (11-October-2021)
  • Added: Full compatibility with Windows 11
  • Updated: Improved memory usage when backing up more than 1.5 million files
  • Updated: Improved backup speed for backup types that use compression
  • Updated: Improved test speed (faster CRC calculations)
  • Fixed: Cannot delete folder warnings for mirror backups using encryption and obfuscation
Changes in FBackup 9.2.413 (22-September-2021)
  • Updated: Portuguese language
  • Fixed: Cannot restore mirror backup created with some specific plugins
  • Fixed: Restore log text when using different location
  • Fixed: File with special characters was not deleted from destination
  • Fixed: Preparing shadow copy incorrect log message
  • Fixed: Restore registry entries for some particular backup plugins
Changes in FBackup 9.2.405 (9-September-2021)
  • Added: Automated file copy method switch to optimize backup speed for files larger than 1GB
  • Added: Command line option to import backup jobs for all Windows users
  • Updated: Slovenian language completed
  • Updated: Romanian language completed
  • Updated: Deleted zip files are included in logs too
  • Updated: Log limit number of backups for all storages
  • Updated: Mirror backup speed improvements
  • Updated: Log files are outputted in UTF-8
  • Updated: Implemented new Dropbox API
  • Fixed: Limit backup versions was not working on Google Drive
  • Fixed: Limit number of backups/files not enabled when editing properties
  • Fixed: Test fixes for empty folders
  • Fixed: Customize filter with Users folder was not shown in Explore View
  • Fixed: Drag and drop source file/folder issue in some situations
  • Fixed: Unneeded scroll into view when backup list progress is updated
  • Fixed: Some notification settings were missing
Changes in FBackup 9.1.369 (14-July-2021)
  • Updated: Romanian translation
  • Fixed: Source folders were duplicated in rare situations for mirror backups
  • Fixed: Crash when loading a backup job using a locked predefined destination
  • Fixed: Restoring a backup using Google Chrome plugin on a different machine had errors
Changes in FBackup 9.1.357 (08-July-2021)
  • Added: Warning notices with extra details for backup plugins
  • Updated: Improved job import from previous versions
  • Updated: Korean translation
  • Fixed: Selecting a customized filter in rare situations returned an error
  • Fixed: Folder filters when using non windows sources
  • Fixed: Test and restore not working for imported v8 backups using IE favorites plugin
  • Fixed: Invalid strings in some languages
  • Fixed: Mirror VSS problems (backup was frozen in some rare situations)
Changes in FBackup 9.0.333 (25-June-2021)
  • Updated: Brazilian Portuguese translation
  • Updated: Dutch translation
  • Updated: Slovenian translation
  • Updated: Turkish translation
  • Fixed: Error when selecting a customized filter in some situations
  • Fixed: Crash in some situations when catalogs got larger than 6GB
  • Fixed: Add folders window did not show the folders to be added in some cases
  • Fixed: All files were skipped when use local catalogs was off and destination was USB
Changes in FBackup 9.0.323 (16-June-2021)
  • Updated: Polish translation for the interface
  • Updated: Italian translation for the interface
  • Fixed: Warnings in rare cases when testing backup jobs using app configuration plugin sources
Changes in FBackup 9.0.317 (11-June-2021)
  • Fixed: FBackup configurations backup warning in rare situations
  • Fixed: Incorrect excluded or deleted flags for particular mirror backups
  • Fixed: Volume shadow copy error for some backups using plugins
Changes in FBackup 9.0.307 (04-June-2021)
  • Updated: Danish translation
  • Updated: Finnish translation
  • Fixed: Bad Request errors for backups to Google Drive in some rare situations
  • Fixed: Testing ZIP files for backups with cloud sources had errors in some cases
  • Fixed: In some situations include filters were not applied to folders
  • Fixed: Time stamp was missing in ZIP files when using plugin sources
Changes in FBackup 9.0.299 (31-May-2021)
  • Updated: Danish language
  • Fixed: Loading backup jobs was slow for some particular backup jobs
  • Fixed: Path was not found error in rare situations for full backups using plugins
Changes in FBackup 9.0.297 (27-May-2021)
  • Fixed: Use only archiving bit did not work correctly all the time
  • Fixed: Invalid backup error for full backups on large files in some situations
  • Fixed: Overriding filters were not working correctly for some particular jobs
  • Fixed: Catalogs were not included when using the FBackup plugin in some situations
  • Fixed: Testing backup jobs using the FBackup plugin erroneously showed missing config files
Changes in FBackup 9.0.290 (25-May-2021)
  • Updated: Better plugin management when opening backups
  • Fixed: Warnings on backups that used obfuscation in certain situations
  • Fixed: Files not found when testing backup jobs for Microsoft Outlook in some situations
Changes in FBackup 9.0.287 (21-May-2021)
  • Fixed: Importing jobs with unavailable plugins failed in certain situations
  • Fixed: Could not apply catalog patch error on backup jobs for some Firefox versions
Changes in FBackup 9.0.285 (20-May-2021)
  • Fixed: SQL error on restore
  • Fixed: Customize filters bug
Changes in FBackup 9.0.279 (18-May-2021)
  • Fixed: "Lock destination" option was not saved in new backup wizard
  • Fixed: Block backup for plugin sources failed in some situations
  • Fixed: Backup to LAN when no user is logged on
Changes in FBackup 9.0.274 (14-May-2021)
  • Fixed: Error when browsing for sources from cloud folders
  • Fixed: Cloud destination upload for large files (over 6GB)
Changes in FBackup 9.0.271 (12-May-2021)
  • Fixed: Block backup error for large files
Changes in FBackup 9.0.270 (11-May-2021)
  • Fixed: Scheduler error in certain situations
  • Fixed: Applypatch16 error for imported plugins
  • Fixed: Add folder window was not resizable
  • Fixed: Sources were listed two times in explore view
Changes in FBackup 9.0.266 (10-May-2021)
  • Fixed: Block backup from Dropbox returned a zip error
  • Fixed: Files were backed up every time in certain situations
  • Fixed: Error with backup history reporting
  • Fixed: Some extra mirror logging
  • Fixed: Log import error
Changes in FBackup 9.0.263 (07-May-2021)
  • Fixed: Icon not showing in open window
  • Fixed: Plugin button position in sources

Changes in FBackup 9.0.261 (05-May-2021)
  • Fixed: Import from old versions (i.e. v5) showed no history
  • Fixed: Appcrash fix when using different source types
Changes in FBackup 9.0.258 (05-May-2021)
  • Fixed: Large fonts display
  • Fixed: AV when running a backup on two plugins
  • Fixed: Some Google Drive sources are not considered
  • Fixed: Filters are not saved correctly
  • Fixed: Warning on test for backups to Google Drive
Changes in FBackup 9.0.238 (27-April-2021)
  • Fixed: Error when importing backup jobs from previous versions with scheduled tasks
Changes in FBackup 9.0.234 (22-April-2021)
  • Fixed: Warnings when running mirror backups for FBackup's configurations
Changes in FBackup 9.0.223 (09-April-2021)
  • Fixed: Backup wizard issues
  • Fixed: Links were open with Internet Explorer instead of the default browser
  • Fixed: Import jobs window - order by name doesn't work correctly
Changes in FBackup 9.0.221 (08-April-2021)
  • Fixed: Some files were backed up every time
  • Fixed: Cannot restore backup with zip using a plugin
  • Fixed: False missing warning for folders which exist
  • Fixed: Plugin and upgrade fixes
  • Fixed: My Documents backup plugin fix
  • Fixed: Size of file in destination is different than size stored in catalogue
Changes in FBackup 9.0.199 (19-March-2021)
  • Fixed: There are no source drives that support Volume Shadow Copy error on job import
  • Fixed: Failed to restore error on imported mirror backup job
Changes in FBackup 9.0.198 (17-March-2021)
  • Added: Old catalogs are renamed and kept when importing jobs from previous versions
  • Added: Summary is saved to log file for easier troubleshooting
  • Fixed: Previous executions were deleted when create full paths was disabled for imported jobs
  • Fixed: Cannot create folder error (the parameter is incorrect)
Changes in FBackup 9.0.194 (11-March-2021)
  • Fixed: Cloud to cloud mirror backup fix
Changes in FBackup 9.0.192 (10-March-2021)
  • Added: Backup files from Dropbox
  • Added: Backup files from Google Drive
  • Added: Track time needed for upload/download when using cloud as source/destination
  • Added: Multiple different source types in one backup job (plugin + cloud + local sources in one job)
  • Added: Option to use HTTP in case HTTPS fails when checking for updates

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