[Changelog] FBackup 9

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[Changelog] FBackup 9

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Below is the changelog for the public builds of Fbackup 9. This version was first released in March 2021 and it is still being enhanced. It is SUPPORTED on the following operating systems: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP SP3, Server 2019/2016/2012/2008/2003 (32/64-bits).

You can download the latest version of Fbackup from:

NOTE: Version 9 installs separately from the previous versions (doesn't overwrite those), and offers a way to import backup jobs from other detected versions.

Changes in Backup4all 9.0.279 (18-May-2021)
  • Fixed: "Lock destination" option was not saved in new backup wizard
  • Fixed: Block backup for plugin sources failed in some situations
  • Fixed: Backup to LAN when no user is logged on
Changes in FBackup 9.0.274 (14-May-2021)
  • Fixed: Error when browsing for sources from cloud folders
  • Fixed: Cloud destination upload for large files (over 6GB)
Changes in FBackup 9.0.271 (12-May-2021)
  • Fixed: Block backup error for large files
Changes in FBackup 9.0.270 (11-May-2021)
  • Fixed: Scheduler error in certain situations
  • Fixed: Applypatch16 error for imported plugins
  • Fixed: Add folder window was not resizable
  • Fixed: Sources were listed two times in explore view
Changes in FBackup 9.0.266 (10-May-2021)
  • Fixed: Block backup from Dropbox returned a zip error
  • Fixed: Files were backed up every time in certain situations
  • Fixed: Error with backup history reporting
  • Fixed: Some extra mirror logging
  • Fixed: Log import error
Changes in FBackup 9.0.263 (07-May-2021)
  • Fixed: Icon not showing in open window
  • Fixed: Plugin button position in sources

Changes in FBackup 9.0.261 (05-May-2021)
  • Fixed: Import from old versions (i.e. v5) showed no history
  • Fixed: Appcrash fix when using different source types
Changes in FBackup 9.0.258 (05-May-2021)
  • Fixed: Large fonts display
  • Fixed: AV when running a backup on two plugins
  • Fixed: Some Google Drive sources are not considered
  • Fixed: Filters are not saved correctly
  • Fixed: Warning on test for backups to Google Drive
Changes in FBackup 9.0.238 (27-April-2021)
  • Fixed: Error when importing backup jobs from previous versions with scheduled tasks
Changes in FBackup 9.0.234 (22-April-2021)
  • Fixed: Warnings when running mirror backups for FBackup's configurations
Changes in FBackup 9.0.223 (09-April-2021)
  • Fixed: Backup wizard issues
  • Fixed: Links were open with Internet Explorer instead of the default browser
  • Fixed: Import jobs window - order by name doesn't work correctly
Changes in FBackup 9.0.221 (08-April-2021)
  • Fixed: Some files were backed up every time
  • Fixed: Cannot restore backup with zip using a plugin
  • Fixed: False missing warning for folders which exist
  • Fixed: Plugin and upgrade fixes
  • Fixed: My Documents backup plugin fix
  • Fixed: Size of file in destination is different than size stored in catalogue
Changes in FBackup 9.0.199 (19-March-2021)
  • Fixed: There are no source drives that support Volume Shadow Copy error on job import
  • Fixed: Failed to restore error on imported mirror backup job
Changes in FBackup 9.0.198 (17-March-2021)
  • Added: Old catalogs are renamed and kept when importing jobs from previous versions
  • Added: Summary is saved to log file for easier troubleshooting
  • Fixed: Previous executions were deleted when create full paths was disabled for imported jobs
  • Fixed: Cannot create folder error (the parameter is incorrect)
Changes in FBackup 9.0.194 (11-March-2021)
  • Fixed: Cloud to cloud mirror backup fix
Changes in FBackup 9.0.192 (10-March-2021)
  • Added: Backup files from Dropbox
  • Added: Backup files from Google Drive
  • Added: Track time needed for upload/download when using cloud as source/destination
  • Added: Multiple different source types in one backup job (plugin + cloud + local sources in one job)
  • Added: Option to use HTTP in case HTTPS fails when checking for updates

You can read the changelog for different versions of FBackup here:
FBackup 8.x (previous version)
FBackup 7.x (old version)
FBackup 6.x (unsupported version)
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